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Do you have a story that kid’s would LOVE to read? We may just want to publish it. (After all, BiblioKid Publishing loves to read a good book just as much as the next publisher.)

But before you send anything our way, be sure to check out our submissions policy below. And if you’re new to children’s book writing, review how to write a kid’s book with our sister company, Journey to KidLit!

About Our Submissions:

What kind of publisher are you?

We are a hybrid publisher that works exclusively with children’s book authors and illustrators. What does that mean?

It means, we partner together to create our books. Our mission is to help as many children’s authors as we can to produce their book and help them get it in the hands of children.

What is your pricing structure?

Like books, there isn’t a one-price fits all for our submissions. Once a book has been submitted for consideration, we will have a discussion with the author about their goals for the book, as well as, budget restrictions.

Price is dependent on number of books needed initially on hand, cost of illustration, type of book, marketing, etc.

Do you help with distribution?

Yes! We have partnered with Small Publishers United to help push our books in both the United States and Canada. Together, with the help of their sales team, we list our books with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local bookstores, libraries, and schools.

We also will help send books for reviews and awards if desired as part of our partnership. Plus, all our authors will be able to have their own copies on-hand to sell at signings and school visits.

Will you help with marketing?

Yes! Marketing is essential for getting a book sold. Not only will our sales team run your book’s Amazon ads, but we’ll also coach you on how to market your book. This includes setting up a complete marketing strategy before your book’s launch date to make sure you have a website and social presence in place ahead of time.

We’ll also provide you with tools like templates and press kits that you can use to share your book with the media and influencers that can help push your book.

Submissions Policy:

Who can send to us?

Authors with an imaginative and fun story for kids or illustrators who draw beautifully for children’s books are welcome to send to us. (Bonus if you do both!)

Who do we send things to?

All submissions can be sent to for our publisher, Brooke Gansemer, to review.

What do we send?

Authors: Please send the full manuscript of your book as a PDF attachment, along with your goals for your story.
Illustrators: Please send a link to your portfolio or website along with 3-4 sample jpegs of your polished work as an attachment.
*As always, every submission should include a query letter to introduce yourselves to us.

Are you accepting submissions currently?

Yes! We are officially open to submissions for any and all children’s books.

Learn How to Write Books for Kids:

Learn how to Write children's books

Before you commit to sending anything, make sure you know what makes a good story that kids will want to read again and again. Visit Journey to KidLit to find all the answers to your writing and publishing questions. (And avoid looking like a newb!)

Plus, you can get a children’s book template for FREE to help you tell your story. Learn more about them and writing books for kids here.