This is MY Castle




Regan’s sister never lets her play princess when her friend’s over. But that’s okay — she will find her OWN castle!

However, when Regan finds the most amazing, perfect castle in the world, there’s just one problem — it’s already taken. Now Regan must decide: claim the castle herself or share it with an invader.

This is MY Castle by Brooke Van Sickle and Gabriela Dieppa is a heartfelt, children’s friendship book that will soon become a favorite in your household. Regan thinks she wants to find a castle to rule all her own, but what she may really need is a friend.

Fill yourself with Regan’s imaginative spirit and make yourself a friend this fall with this children’s book on sharing. Perfect for fans of Rulers of the Playground!


– Publishing Date: November 2020

– Dimensions: 11 x 8.5

– ISBN: 978-1-7343195-3-8

– Library of Congress Control Number: 2020942400

– Hardcover Bound

– E-Version available

– Publisher: BiblioKid Publishing

– Author: Brooke Van Sickle

– Illustrator: Gabriela Dieppa


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