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“Our Garden of Friendship” is a tender, heartwarming tale of friendship, loss, and the prevailing power of love. A debut picture book from Jennifer Rogers, Our Garden of Friendship is perfect for offering young readers a gentle and hopeful way to navigate the difficult feelings of grief.

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BiblioKid Publishing 978-1-955767-83-5 March 25, 2025 English


Meet the Author

Jennifer Rogers

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Our Garden of Friendship – Coming Spring 2025

In the heart of a close-knit neighborhood, seven-year-old Maya and her best friend Ava share countless adventures in their favorite park. They laugh, dream, and discover the wonders of nature together, creating memories that fill their days with joy. But when Ava unexpectedly passes away, Maya’s world is turned upside down. 

Heartbroken and confused, Maya struggles to cope with the overwhelming loss of her dearest friend. With the loving support of her family and community, Maya decides to honor Ava’s memory in a special way. She transforms a forgotten corner of the park into a beautiful garden filled with flowers, each one symbolizing a cherished memory of their time together.

As Maya tends to the garden, she finds solace and healing, discovering that Ava’s spirit lives on in the blooms and blossoms. Our Garden of Friendship: Growing After the Loss of a Friend is a poignant and heartwarming tale of friendship, loss, and the enduring power of love, offering young readers a gentle and hopeful way to navigate the difficult emotions of grief. Join Maya on her journey as she learns that even in the face of loss, the bonds of friendship can continue to grow and flourish.

A guide in the back includes discussion questions for helping children talk about and manage grief, as well as suggestions on how to create a memory garden.


– Publishing Date: Spring 2025

– Dimensions: 8×10

– ISBN: 978-1-955767-83-5

– Hardcover and Paperback Bound

– E-Version available

– Publisher: BiblioKid Publishing

– Author: Jennifer Rogers

– Illustrator:


Hardback 978-1-955767-83-5, Paperback 978-1-955767-84-2, E-Version 978-1-955767-85-9

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Hardcover and Paperback Bound, E-Version available