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The Butterfly with Tattered Wings Receives a Five-Star Review!

In this heartwarming and inspiring picture book, readers follow the journey of a young caterpillar as she transforms into a butterfly with tattered wings. Faced with challenges and setbacks, she learns the power of self-love, gratitude, and perseverance. With the help of a wise bat, the butterfly discovers that she doesn’t have to be perfect to fly, she just needs faith and love.

Philip Van Heusen of Reader’s Favorite said after reading this book – “No one is perfect, even those who pretend they are. However, no matter what your child feels makes them inferior, they need to know they are perfect just the way they are. In her book The Butterfly with Tattered Wings, Heidi Lepper Barrett helps children understand they are loved and accepted. The little caterpillar in this story is filled with love and gratitude. She makes a chrysalis in preparation for becoming a beautiful butterfly; however, before she breaks free, she is injured. The injury damages her wings, and she feels unlovable and unable to fly. A sympathetic bat takes the time to comfort her and show that even with damaged wings, he can still fly. With the bat’s encouragement, the new butterfly becomes hopeful and flaps her wings. With faith and flapping, she flies all over, spreading the story of the power of love.” (Read the full review here.)

five star review_butterfly with tattered wings

Congratulations to author Heidi Lepper Barrett and Lucia Benito on this wonderful accomplishment. Grab your copy of this amazing picture book here!